Pow! Zap! Bam! Presentation

Here is the link for all the presentation stuff: : http://tinyurl.com/dz99va Thanks to everyone for coming out: we had over 70 people!! I’ve also embedded the presentation below:

Alan's third task and the end

Create podcasts with students. Alan shows an example of 2nd and 3rd graders who created a movie on how to produce a podcasts.  Each student is assigned a task through a giant rundown sheet. Alan focuses on the fact that the students say “Don’t forget the kids!”  He translates that as don’t “underestimate” the kids.… Continue reading Alan's third task and the end

Alan shows more!

Alan next shows us “Bob’s” Prime Factorization screencast. Assign kids to be Tutorial Designers We underestimate the work students will do when their work contributes to the learning of other kids. The real power of the web is to build community between people to harness the collective knowledge to benefit the community.  This is critical… Continue reading Alan shows more!

Alan starts to search

Alan states that every idea that’s about to be articulated represents a shift of control from the teacher to the learner. Teaching technology is not difficult, but shifting control might take years.  Some teachers might never do it.  The entire culture we’ve inherited is based on a control model…not kids researching other student work from… Continue reading Alan starts to search

Alan shows a movie

Alan tells a story about using YouTube in the classroom and notes that kids ALWAYS know how to get past the firewall to the site.  He tells the story of how the students try to convince their teacher to do a better book trailer than the one they found on YouTube because “lately, the assignments… Continue reading Alan shows a movie

Alan polls the audience

Alan’s Questions to the Audience: We should study the tools our students use outside of school and think about using these in our schools…We voted and the MACUL people agreed with this statement. All of our students have worked collaboratively while in school with peopel in different counties: A. All teachers? B. It happened once… Continue reading Alan polls the audience

Alan November speaks

Alan asks for questions right out of the gate.  I appreciate that.  He is also fond of MACUL and astounded by the number of people in the hall. Alan thanks MACUL because apprantley they launched his career. Filtering in China there is much less filtering in the United States in their schools.  Assistant Principals use… Continue reading Alan November speaks