I like to think of myself as a writer.  Or, at the very least, a person who, when called upon to write, can produce something coherent and interesting. Additionally, I like to think of myself as an efficient machine: I do not let procrastination win.  No–I work all hours of the day and night, squeezing… Continue reading Something

Welcome to my learning

Welcome to my new learning space.  For the past few years, I have been blogging with my high school students (when I was still in the classroom) and about my own learnings and experiences over at my edublogs site.  While I’ve loved edublogs, I felt the need for a little more freedom and a little… Continue reading Welcome to my learning

Motivation interview with Paul Oh

In CEP 900/930, we were tasked with creating an audio interview that demonstrated motivation in learning.  Here is my interview with Paul Oh, senior program associate with the National Writing Project. I chose to interview Paul Oh for many reasons.  First and foremost, he is one of the most motivated learners I know.  He is… Continue reading Motivation interview with Paul Oh

Not-so shocking: “Students’ writing scores lower on computer tests”

I was on twitter yesterday when I noticed the following news article getting sent around, the headline screaming “Students’ writing scores lower on computer tests.” Here is an excerpt from the opening paragraph: How can this be?  How can a generation who has grown up with computers, interacted with them, taken keyboarding and computing classes,… Continue reading Not-so shocking: “Students’ writing scores lower on computer tests”

ACT Nation?

In any discussion of assessment, both the SAT and the ACT bring with them the weight of their reputation, a reputation that the tests are unbiased, test for college readiness, and are good predictors of future achievement and reflect a student’s current knowledge.  None of these assumptions are true.  (For more information, please visit the… Continue reading ACT Nation?

Identity and Web 2.0: Draft 1

The National Writing Project‘s Web Presence retreat will begin tonight in Denver.  I was asked to develop a resource, of any genre, that reflected my understandings of identity and Web 2.0.  This was no easy task.  I have previously blogged in this space about privacy issues and social media, as well as given a lot… Continue reading Identity and Web 2.0: Draft 1