On losing

Tomorrow, they will announce the finalists in the Race to the Top competition. What they won’t mention are the countless students whose states and schools have lost in that competition. We won’t be able to know how many schools, teachers, and students who get the RTTT funding will lose the richness of their curriculum in… Continue reading On losing

On becoming a teacher: the power of NWP

When I first heard of the National Writing Project, I was applying to the Red Cedar Writing Project Summer Invitational Institute. At the time, I was in my third-year as a certified English and Biology teacher, coming late to the field after spending a few years in and around education. What I had learned since… Continue reading On becoming a teacher: the power of NWP

Privacy is dead?

I’ve been thinking a lot about privacy since facebook’s Zuckerberg declared that “privacy is over.” First of all, a little about the ways in which I use social media: In the mid-1990s, I posted prolifically my own poetry and writing on at least 3 different “bulletin boards“ I was an eager early-ish adopter of facebook… Continue reading Privacy is dead?

Please don't pee in the pool: ethics and swimming the backchannel

Since returning from the NWP annual meeting, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways in which I engage with the backchannel.  First of all, I believe that the ways in which the backchannel functions depends on me and the responsibility I take for my own actions.  I need to evaluate every tweet to make… Continue reading Please don't pee in the pool: ethics and swimming the backchannel

Why I am worried about the Common Core Standards

In case you haven’t heard, the Common Core standards in ELA and Math are up for public comment.  According to the website: The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a joint effort by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in partnership with… Continue reading Why I am worried about the Common Core Standards

Accept vs. Except: Miah's project

Powered by Podbean.com Listen to this episode ACCEPT is a verb; it means “to receive”. EXCEPT as a verb means “to leave out”; Some things can be misinterpreted by the sound because they sound alike <Accept and Except>    -see they sound just alike. –People say the word all the time, but written on paper,… Continue reading Accept vs. Except: Miah's project

Blogging from MSU

We are sitting here discussing the glory of blogs. We have many ideas for blogging: posting video posting podcasts posting student work posting homework assignments inviting classroom discussion inviting other stakeholders to one’s classroom (parents, administrators, etc.) linking to other blogs, newspaper articles, etc. technology standards What advantages do you see for blogs? In what… Continue reading Blogging from MSU

Solidarity Service podcast

This student created podcast was the brainchild of Brandon. He was responding to a prompt about Brave New World. The prompt asked him to imagine himself as a newspaper reporter discussing the events of Chapter V: The Solidarity Service. We hope you enjoy. (By the way, while I do speak on the podcast, I was… Continue reading Solidarity Service podcast