Lightning summary: Educon 2.2 Saturday

Up early in order to work out with @poh and @bhsprincipal in the Windsor suites basement gym (seriously, what’s up with all those mirrors? Is that really necessary?) Then off to a quick Starbucks breakfast (parfait!) with the NWP crew: @gailhd, @poh, @paulallison, and @janalon. We hoofed it over to SLA where the place was… Continue reading Lightning summary: Educon 2.2 Saturday

It's not about the laptops

After a brutally cold walk through the streets of Philadelphia, we arrived rosy-cheeked and breathless at the Science Leadership Academy (SLA).  The first ever Senior class was fundraising for their Senior trip to Hershey Park, and I gladly gave to cause (have fun kids!). I was checked in and soon wandering the brightly colored halls… Continue reading It's not about the laptops

Stalking: or networking with your idols

My first opportunity to attend the NWP annual meeting came in 2005, when I was fresh from the Summer Institute and completely ignorant about the ways in which the writing Project functioned as a national program.  All I knew was that NWP coincided with NCTE and that Red Cedar was sending me to Pittsburgh with… Continue reading Stalking: or networking with your idols

Google Day at RCWP

After months of deciding what to do with all of the information I learned at the Google Teacher Academy, (including blogging and/or podcasting about each of the tools), I finally landed on the idea of hosting a Google Day for the Red Cedar Writing Project.   The culmination of weeks of planning, fourteen RCWP TCs signed… Continue reading Google Day at RCWP

Hello from Bright Ideas!

You’ve learned a lot today: wikis, blogs, Google Docs, and witnessed some provocative videos. What was most useful? What thoughts do you have as you leave today? Any questions you still have? Thanks for working so hard   🙂 Andrea and Aram

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