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When you are using the word who in a sentence make sure that it requires a subject pronoun (equivalent to he or she ) . In formal English , use whom when a sentence requires an object pronoun (equivalent to him or he) .Contemporary usage , however increasingly favors the use of who in both cases . Strictly speaking , it is correct to use who as the subject of a verb and whom as the object . Also use whom after a preposition . Whom is a word invented to make to make everyone sound like a butler . The use of who or whom in a subordinate clause depends on how the pronoun functions in the clause . The word who is in the nominative case and the word whom is in the objective case .

Details found from the Holt Book.


  1. Hi Dontia,
    You worked hard on this podcas and it really shows. Nice job on the lesson…I think your points are really clear and people can learn a lot from your podcast.
    I really appreciate your hard work.
    –Ms. Zellner

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