Using Digital Storytelling to make research compelling

On this site, I’ve been creating a Research Development Portfolio as part of my coursework for the doctoral program in Ed Psych, Ed Tech at Michigan State University.  This is my first semester, so I am tasked with beginning my journey as an academic and researcher.  For this particular assignment, I was asked to utilize the genre of Digital Storytelling to create a compelling introduction to my research interests.  What I attempted to do with my research statement is to boil it down to its essence, pulling from the genre of poetry to do it.  I was thinking of how, in poetry, no word is wasted–it seems almost antithetical to the world of academic compositions.  I tried to play with the genre, the ideas, and the task to create something compelling.  I am also under enormous pressure and deadlines this week, so I was limited in the time I had to dedicate to the task.  Isn’t this usually the nature of composition though? That the writing is never finished, it is just due?

Comments welcome: I am hoping to revise once the semester is over.

POST EDIT: Since I am having issues with the youtube embed and my theme, the direct link is

RDP: Research Interests


  1. In the embed code, where you see a quantity for width, change that quantity from whatever it is (value is pixels) to “100%”. Keep the percent symbol there and be sure it’s all inside the quotations. That should help by making the video adjust to your page width – however, you may have to eliminate the height tag completely…

    Otherwise I like it. Thanks for sharing.

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