Awesomesauce: How @ComcastWill changed my mind

Note: I made this with a service called storify, which is in Beta and sometimes doesn’t behave. If you saw a different version or it doesn’t load, it was because of my newbie user status there and the site went down for a while.


  1. I was watching ththose tweets unfold and hoping they would respond! I had a similar experience with Uhaul (of all companies). I called them out on Twitter and ended up getting direct attention from them. It was perfect! Glad Comcast cared enough to contact you!

    1. Me, too! Can’t have this girl without her access to the interwebs 😉 I think it is interesting from an educational perspective how this might inform how we could utilize these sites to better interact with our stakeholders. I also wanted to give a shoutout to Comcast for a job well done and play with my new Storify account (which I also got an invite to when I asked for it on Twitter this week). I love the Twitters!

  2. Nice article, Andrea. Their twitter support is awesome! I’ve dealt with @ComcastMelissa and @ComcastBill and they’ve helped me both times. If it wasn’t for this kind of service, I would have probably switched providers already.

  3. Also goes to show how powerful twitter can be for not only responsive customer service, but for viral marketing as well. This post is proof of that…you are providing the evidence, and we’re all looking at it quite impressed with the service you got. How much is that worth? And if the service was crappy and the same type of post was put up, what kind of damage could it do?

    And a phrase like Awesomesauce may just make that guy famous

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