1. I think for me it was more about being heard. Sometimes I feel like I am shouting into the wind. This time, the wind spoke back. Makes it feel a little more hopeful. There is something so important about being recognized, even if I can’t convince them to agree with me. Although, that would be nice, too…..

  1. Hey Andrea, good for you for being a little pushy here–much needed. Off topic, but did you use Storify to capture the tweets?

    1. Not off-topic, and yes, it was Storify. I love that service more and more. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. Good deal for standing your ground. I often forget the power of communicating through social media such as Twitter, rather than sending an email or surfing around at Facebook. Twitter is short, sweet and efficient and it is all about being heard, as the commenter about said. I also did not know about Storify, will check that out, thanks!

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