Accept vs. Except: Miah's project

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  • ACCEPT is a verb; it means “to receive”.
  • EXCEPT as a verb means “to leave out”;
    Some things can be misinterpreted by the sound because they sound alike
<Accept and Except>
   -see they sound just alike.
–People say the word all the time, but written on paper, it’s confusing
  • Some people only think EXCEPT is the only word for everything, and ACCEPT never comes to mind
       because most people don not write ACCEPT
    ~ So when the word comes up, EXCEPT is written no matter if it is “to receive” or “to leave out”
EXCEPT…..leave out
                  ~It will eventually come to mind


  1. Hi Miah,
    I just wanted to thank you again for being the first “guinea pig” and recording before anyone else. I had so much fun with this podcast and I think your mnemonic to help remember when to use accept vs except will really help a lot of people. Good work!
    –Ms. Zellner

  2. Your podcast was funny, helpful, and it displayed the difference between Accept and Except clearly.

  3. Yours was very useful and creative. Many people mess up on this and it is good to remember that ” a is to recieve and e is to leave out” Very good!

  4. miah was always the 1st one done in class pout she worked very hard and i can learn from her podcast

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