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gradhackerWhile this blog may have been a little dark the past months, I have been blogging and podcasting regularly on, which has been a great experience especially since we started publishing on Inside Higher Ed as well.

Some of the posts that got the most attention recently are listed below. Thanks so much for reading!

  • When Rejection is a Good Thing: one of my more personal posts. It was written for Gradhacker Applicant Week and discusses when I was rejected from the grad program of my dreams and why I am so glad I didn’t get in.
  • Learning to Code: one of my favorite new topics–coding. As a non-coder, I list how I go about getting a least a little fluency with various programming tasks.
  • What I’ve learned about defenses: a post about my experiences defending my own original research and what it might mean for the dissertation. I ask for advice and give my own insight on the process thus far.

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