Hello from Bright Ideas!

You’ve learned a lot today: wikis, blogs, Google Docs, and witnessed some provocative videos. What was most useful? What thoughts do you have as you leave today? Any questions you still have? Thanks for working so hard   🙂

Andrea and Aram


  1. 1. You two did a fine job: good pace; enthusiasm; expertise
    2. edublogs and wikis offer me a way to organize material for my class; to challenge my students to keep thinking about the issues of diversity, literacy, and technology
    3. I enjoyed the multi-media portions, and continue to ask myself: what does it mean?…to teach…to keep up…
    4. to be human
    5. being
    6. digital

  2. Your session was very refreshing! Even though I just finished my education degree, most of my knowledge in these areas was obtained outside any classroom. It is daunting to always be searching out and evaluating the best technologies, so this morning’s information is just what I was looking for. I am especially excited about Google docs because I’m already familiar with many other Google services, and this one negates the need to create my own collaborative writing website.
    Thank you!

  3. Right now my head is spinning! However, I have such great info to get started and to play with all when I am home.
    Thanks for your extra help!

    I am also very excited to learn that the Writng Project is at my fingertips! I will definitely check it out when I get back to SVSU.

    Thanks so much!

  4. Thanks, Andrea and Aram, for a very informative and educational session. I wish to let all of my teacher/students know about technological options for their classrooms. Your session adds to my knowledge. You explained everything very clearly, and you were helpful and respectful of our level of ability with tech.

  5. There was certainly a lot to learn today. It was unfortuante that the computers and internet were putting up such a fuss! I think I have learned a lot today but the key for me will be going home and playing around with the things I have created today. I learn best by just clicking on things and seeing what they do. Thanks for all the help!

  6. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this session. I feel more confident as I move into the media specialist position in the fall for our K-12 buildings. Being an elementary teacher I feel confident in the elementary area but am nervous about the high school requirements especially with the new technology requirements and helping the teachers meet these goals. This session helped me tremendously and had given me the tools to be able to help the high school teachers meet this goals within their classes. Thanks!!

  7. Your presentation was wonderful! Thank you for showing me so many things and taking the time to make sure that I am truely comfortable with everything. I will continue to use these resources in my classes and can’t wait to return to school and share them with my fellow teachers. Thanks again!

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