Alan's third task and the end

Create podcasts with students. Alan shows an example of 2nd and 3rd graders who created a movie on how to produce a podcasts.  Each student is assigned a task through a giant rundown sheet. Alan focuses on the fact that the students say “Don’t forget the kids!”  He translates that as don’t “underestimate” the kids.… Continue reading Alan's third task and the end

Alan polls the audience

Alan’s Questions to the Audience: We should study the tools our students use outside of school and think about using these in our schools…We voted and the MACUL people agreed with this statement. All of our students have worked collaboratively while in school with peopel in different counties: A. All teachers? B. It happened once… Continue reading Alan polls the audience

MACUL 09 Keynote: getting ready to live blog

It is almost time for the keynote and I got the brilliant idea to live blog Alan November’s talk on “Student as Contributor: The Digital Learning Farm” I am intrigued about the idea of the Digital Learning Farm.  I’ve never live blogged before, so we’ll see how it goes.  Any tips or tricks, please let… Continue reading MACUL 09 Keynote: getting ready to live blog