The View from Sunday: Educon

On Sunday, I think we might be on to something. Educon has been an interesting experience.  It has affirmed my ideas about education, and exposed the many ways where we are in serious need of improvement. Let me begin by noting, as always, the spontaneous conversations in the hallways and in sessions when I was… Continue reading The View from Sunday: Educon

Metaphors from Educon

Ben Wilkhoff is a poet. Standardized testing is a sonnet. If Educon is a family, Andrea is the bastard step-child. SLA is the Hotel California. Andrea is the “go-bag.” And the Secretariat.

Lightning summary: Educon 2.2 Saturday

Up early in order to work out with @poh and @bhsprincipal in the Windsor suites basement gym (seriously, what’s up with all those mirrors? Is that really necessary?) Then off to a quick Starbucks breakfast (parfait!) with the NWP crew: @gailhd, @poh, @paulallison, and @janalon. We hoofed it over to SLA where the place was… Continue reading Lightning summary: Educon 2.2 Saturday

It's not about the laptops

After a brutally cold walk through the streets of Philadelphia, we arrived rosy-cheeked and breathless at the Science Leadership Academy (SLA).  The first ever Senior class was fundraising for their Senior trip to Hershey Park, and I gladly gave to cause (have fun kids!). I was checked in and soon wandering the brightly colored halls… Continue reading It's not about the laptops