Data detox Day 2: I have questions about world-record chicken eating

Google is my all-knowing BFF

Google search example data detox It turns out I have many questions about chicken.

Today is Day 2 of my Data Detox (see Day 1 here).  Today’s plan began with a quick survey that compared what Google knows about me with what my BFF knows about me. Since I apparently have no boundaries whatsoever with my BFF (xoxox love you!), I was not surprised to note that Google knows probably the same amount of information about me as she does. Frankly, since I am an olds, my BFF probably knows MORE embarassing stories about me since we pre-date the internet.

Google Privacy settingsOnce we established that I love my Googling, my first task was to visit the My Activity page of my Google account to see what the haps have been in ye olde Googlesphere. First, I realized that my Google home has been playing Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” a lot more than I realized.


Also, I search for some weird things. Not sure why I needed to know the world record holder for eating chicken during dinner, but I’m sure it was a reasonable request at the time.


The next thing I noticed was the really extreme amounts of pimple popping videos I watch. I really have nothing to say about this besides I’m sorry.

Embarassing YouTube Activity My name is Andrea and I’m a popaholic.

Finally, the last step was to delete things on my activity so that I bring back a little mystery in my relationship with Google. I think that’s healthy and important in order to keep our relationship alive.  The challenge now is to use other services that don’t track and retain my data like this so I can search up all my weird questions without the world knowing.



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